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Dragnet Magazine is an online/e-book literary journal that trawls the sea of stories for the best fiction and poetry. We publish energetic pieces that may explore serious topics but don’t take themselves too seriously.

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Dragnet teaser by Nikin Nagewadia


Jeremy Hanson-Finger attended Carleton and wrote his M.A. thesis on dirty bits in postmodern novels. He now lives in Toronto, where he is the conversion services coordinator at Kobo. His fiction has appeared in Joyland, Little Fiction, Soliloquies, and Untoward. You can see his website here.


Lauren Mitchell works in the glamorous world of academic publishing, tells jokes to unsuspecting strangers, and will tell you everything you want to know about Drake. Top Qualities: snappy dresser, compassionate lover, proficient with Microsoft Office.


Andrew Battershill is a recent graduate of Concordia University. His fiction has appeared in Soliloquies Anthology, The Moose & Pussy, The Claremont Review, Headlight Anthology, and Burner Magazine. He was the winner of the 2010 Irving Layton Award for fiction. He is currently completing his M.A in Creative Writing at the University of Toronto. He absolutely loves the zoo.

Designer and Copyeditor

Jena Karmali got her H.B.A. from the University of Toronto in 2010. She loves to read and draw and memorize the Chicago Manual of Style. She is a fan of coffee, reptiles, international travel, beautifully constructed sentences, and the serial comma.


Suzannah Showler‘s first book, Failure to Thrive, is forthcoming from ECW Press in April 2014. Her first marriage, to Andrew Battershill, is forthcoming August 2014.

Digital and Print Product Wrangler

Julia Chanter is a production coordinator at Penguin Random House. She is on the board of directors for the Metro Toronto Movement for Literacy. Trivia, travelling, coffee, books about food, and yoga are things that she’s totally into.


If you’re from the media, you can download a package of hi-res logo artwork by J. McKee. You can find all of our media appearances in this section on our blog.

Social Media Manager

John Nixon is a pop culture obsessive currently working as an associate producer at Achilles Media in Toronto. He subsists on a regular diet of film, golf, literature, red wine, hip hop, Triscuits, and skate punk. In a perfect world he would serve as Minister of Culture under Prime Minister Jian Ghomeshi.


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