Hello Potential Contributors!

Thanks for taking an interest in Dragnet Magazine. Submissions are closed while we are on indefinite hiatus. Thanks everyone! It’s been a good three years.


  1. this magazine here dragnet is a made up garage sale trying to block sales for real fiction and poetry outlets including magazines like The Dufferin Mall, Shelly’s Dead Monster Magazine, Descant, Ted Bundy’s Undies and Emily Spoke In Class Today. By cutting out the middle man (in this case, reality) Dragnet has fostered some of today’s leading mental patients. The dance parties, exclusion of the elderly and the ribby ribby Rue Morgue backlash subscription drive is further proof that these Panhandling Grunge Wave Ring of Fire Lord of the Rings teething backstabbers are running roughshod over the true grit realism and dedication found in magazines like Toddle Creek, Billy’s Broken Ship and Rampike The Fishing Journal of Male Poetry Please continue to suppor this magazine lest we all die out die of strokes in line at the internet cafe formerly noun as attack of the small press fair.

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